Women’s Vitality

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Women’s vitality

Female vitality

Bladder weakness Recovery after childbirth Menopause Increase your libido Training for the pelvic floor

Use your new-found energy from your body’s core to cope with the menopause safely and with peace of mind. Regain enjoyment of your own sexuality. Your pelvic floor plays a key role in your sexuality

PelviPower training improves sexual sensitivity and increases libido.


16 – 20 training sessions on the PelviPower Chair.

Menopause and libido a topic for almost every woman

“I have rediscovered my own attractiveness and I’m now ready to enjoy my life.”

Karin B., 45 years old

The latest pelvic floor training for energised women

PelviPower strengthens your muscles using magnetic field therapy.

The training has been documented in scientific studies and is recommended by physicians and therapists.

Stronger effect than conventionalindividual training.

The training is simple and painless.

Training is non-invasive. i.e.

You just sit on a chair and train in your normal clothes.

You will immediately notice a muscle stimulating effect.

Our certified trainers will create your personalised training profile after your first trial training.

Pelvipower Magnetic field training

A repetitive magnetic impulse stimulates and strengthens the pelvic floor and the surrounding muscular system. The alternating tension and relaxation training is both pleasant and effective.

Pelvipower Bio-feedback training

The Bio-Feedback-Trainer supports the patient’s independent training. An integrated sensor registers the activity of the pelvic floor muscles. This enables muscle movement to be viewed on a monitor during training.

This bio-feedback increases the effectiveness of the training and self-perception of the pelvic floor.

Pelvipower Training


  • 15 – 20 minutes
  • 1 – 5 times weekly


  • 10 – 20 units
  • are recommended

“Magnetic field stimulation is especially suitable for strengthening the body core. It has an excellent and deeply penetrating effect for effective neuromuscular training.”


Professor for Rehabilitation Technology specialising in functional electrostimulation at the Centre for Medical Physics and biomedical technology at the medical University of Vienna

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